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  • Paleo vs Keto

    Paleo vs Keto

    Perhaps these are the two most popular diets in the world. Millions of people are interested in how this will make them slimmer, sportier and healthier. The two diets have many things in common, but there is also a huge difference between them, as the rules of the two diets can be applied completely differently and has different rules. Let's see!

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  • The best paleo recipes that are even delicious

    The best paleo recipes that are even delicious

    In a previous post, I presented the successfull paleo diet basics and main guidelines. If you also want to eat healthier according to the paleo diet, the biggest challenge for you will be finding the perfect recipes. Although there are plenty of recipes on the internet, what could be wrong? A large percentage of people experimenting with the paleo diet give up this lifestyle because they try poorly prepared, tasteless foods. But how can you cook deliciously? Let's see!

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  • Smoothie diet, the way it is worth doing

    Smoothie diet, the way it is worth doing

    The smoothie diet is surrounded by plenty of myths and misconceptions. In this post, I will try to clarify these misconceptions. I’ll describe the most popular mistakes you can make to ruin your smoothie diet. If you don’t pay attention, weight-reducing fineness will be your enemy. I’ll tell you what makes this diet really good for you. Let's see!

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  • The beginner's guide to paleo diet

    The beginner's guide to paleo diet

    Generally, people define the Paleo diet as consuming food that Paleolithic people may have eaten. This means that the paleo diet consists of food that contains only completely natural ingredients. These ingredients can be meats, fish, various seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables, natural fats and oils. What this diet tries to avoid are the most is processed foods, grains, refined sugar and of course everything that is artificial. You can eat anything that people could have hunted or collected in the Paleolithic age. Experts also claim that following a paleo diet can help you lose weight and control body functions such as blood sugar, blood pressure, digestion or metabolism. So how does this work in reality? Let's get into it!

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