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The great laptop benchmark page comparison

The great laptop benchmark page comparison

We're all bombarded 24/7 with laptop commercials on all possible media platforms. Understandably you're going to consider buying one sooner or later. But for someone who’s lacking skills in tech, the choice may not be so easy. It requires days or even weeks to choose the ideal laptop. Now I'm going to introduce you to some useful websites that can help you make the perfect choice. They show and compare laptop data using various tests so that you can decide which one is right for you. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Which laptop is best?

My answer to that question is that it depends on what you want to use it for. For example, it's completely unnecessary to buy a laptop with an extremely powerful video card if you just don't take advantage of its performance. If you are not a gamer and don't do photo or video editing, then you just don't need a powerful video card.

Do you wanna play new, popular games? If your answer is obviusly yes, then a powerful video card and lots of memory are for you. Oh yeah, it’s never an easy choice...

How much laptop memory do I need?

Again, the answer depends on what you want to use it for. If you're a programmer and you need editing programs for your work or you're doing graphics, video editing work, it's recommended to use 16Gb. That's usually enough to play games too. In very extreme cases, you will need 32 or even 64Gb of memory. If you're using your laptop for smaller things, like watching a movie, reading emails, editing word and excel documents, then 8Gb are perfectly enough. However, I would no longer recommend this because of the machine requirements of some modern operating systems.

Is laptop good for gaming?

This question is heard at least a 1000 times by a laptop salesman every single day. I suggest you put together the games you'd like to play before your final choice. Check out the game's page for the recommended specification. Adjust to what is needed for the strongest configuration. Look for a laptop with good or much better parameters. Unfortunately, in stores, sometimes sellers take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the customers and sell something they would not buy otherwise. If you're really unsure about laptops, my basic opinion is that you should have intel i5, Intel i7, or RyZen 5, Ryzen 7 processor and at least 16Gb of memory and dedicated video card in your laptop. A dedicated video card means that not the processor or motherboard's chipset does the graphics calculations, but the video card designed by a video card company. Or alternatively, you can look at a benchmark page that compares parts to you by games to see which would be a better choice for you.

Laptop reviews

These benchmark pages post a lot of useful tests and opinions. It's almost certain that you'll find a comparison to which laptop runs best for Fortnite, Minecraft, or the new ForzaHorizon. Of course, if you want to be sure, you're going to need a more serious research. When can you be sure?

I've been following Tom's Hardware's website for a long time and I also learned a lot from here. It describes very detailed data of various laptops and components, which are certified by real tests. Back then, when I was only making money by repairing laptop, I read articles here almost every day. I was mostly interested about hardware compatibility issues. Even what I could not find an article for, it was quickly answered by readers on the forum.

Laptop compare

Comparing laptops is an extremely complicated thing. One may be running PUBG with more FPS, but still not ideal for Assassin's Creed. The reason for this is very simple. Game developers can't optimize their source code for all hardware available on the market, and they should take this as a challenge. It's fair to say that laptops with a stronger config will get better results, though it can vary from game to game, which pc will run a game with more FPS.

Laptop gaming benchmark

I highly recommend userbenchmark.com for testing games. You can choose your favorite games and see the performance difference between different video cards. It can save you from some huge disappointments.

On this page you can also compare different CPUs, SSDs, or even RAM. You can even follow the tests on Youtube. The website database contains components not only for laptops, but also for desktop computers. That would be a very long debate about whether buying a laptop or a desktop computer is worth it better, so I wouldn't get any deeper into that. In my opinion really powerful gaming computer from pc config can be built cost-effectively. If you have enough money for a really powerful laptop or the portability is the most important thing for you then definitely a laptop is the right choice for you. The trend, which started about 10 years ago, confirms that significantly more laptops are being sold worldwide than desktop computers.

Other useful parts comparison that may come in handy

Diagnostic programs

You can even test your existing laptop with different benchmark programs. I only know these two. In a few minutes, you can analyze your device's real performance and compare it to other users' data in a ranking system.

If you use it with your userbenchmark.com data, you can also calculate roughly how a new SSD or memory card would help your laptop. In many cases, it's enough to develop your existing laptop instead of buying a new one. You can save a lot of money with this.

Laptop buyer’s guide

The notebookcheck.net made a helpful form to suggest the best laptops for your needs. The laptop data is collected from its own and their partners’ databases, from a huge list. I only found this page a few days ago, though I felt like there was definitely a place on my list for this because it’s really professional.

Laptop deals and prices

Everyone wants the fastest one but new laptops aren't so cheap. We can save a lot of money by actually purchasing a laptop that satisfies all your needs. Not a worse, not necessarily a much better one. You have to choose your ideal one. The websites and programs listed will help you to make the right decision.

Are you sure that you have to buy a new laptop though?

If performance isn't enough for you, you can boost it a lot with small improvements. A new SSD, memory, or even a processor replacement may be easier than you think.

Okay, but what if your old laptop is broken and that's why you want to buy a new one? Are you sure it's not repairable? Let's look at the most common issues and what might be the solution!

Laptop not charging

Perhaps this is the rarest error on the list. The charger is plugged into the laptop, but it does not charge or turn on the laptop. It's very annoying, I know. Although, this error seems completely unsolvable, but in fact it is a cheap fix that takes 5-10 minutes. The connector head is plugged into an approximately 2-centimeter adapter part and this provides power to the laptop motherboard. This goes sometimes wrong. Replacing it takes a few minutes and barely any money.

Laptop overheating and fan noise

In most cases, laptops are designed with a heat dissipation layer on the processor, mostly a copper plate, and cooling its surface with a fan. The principle is similar to that of PCs, though in this case engineers had to solve this in a much smaller space. There is a heat conducting paste between the processor and the heat dissipation layer. The task of this is to transfer as much heat as possible to the copper plate. This paste, on the other hand, can dry out in 1-2 years and does not transfer enough heat. Thus, the processor begins to warm up and signing the fan to run at higher speeds. This is when the loudness begins. When the fan is no longer able to cool the processor enough, our laptop starts to slow down. Replacing the fan and the paste can also be done by professionals. Though, we can do it ourselves, very cheaply, with about half an hour of work. I’ll talk about that later.

Laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connection is made by a tiny network card. It's a tiny interchangeable component. For a few dollars, you can easily buy a replacement part. Though, even a network driver update solves the problem. You don't have to buy a new laptop for either problem.

In a previous article, I talked about how to solve these and many more serious problems of your laptop. If you're interested in how to fix your laptop that you may think unfixable, and how to make money from it, then check out my article.

+1 life hack

I've seen it in so many times that, for security reasons, many laptop users cover the laptop's camera to hide their identity. A small idea to solve this problem, which is perhaps a more aesthetic solution than duct tape: laptop webcam cover

laptop webcam cover

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