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Smoothie diet, the way it is worth doing

Smoothie diet, the way it is worth doing

The smoothie diet is surrounded by plenty of myths and misconceptions. In this post, I will try to clarify these misconceptions. I’ll describe the most popular mistakes you can make to ruin your smoothie diet. If you don’t pay attention, weight-reducing fineness will be your enemy. I’ll tell you what makes this diet really good for you. Let's see!

Smoothie is not a shake!

One of the biggest misconceptions about smoothies is that they are the same as shakes. But this is not true. Shakes contains milk, fruit and flavorings (sugar, cinnamon, etc ...). The smoothie, on the other hand, contains only fruits and vegetables. Yes vegetables. The real smoothie recipe also contains a significant amount of vegetables. This is a very important ingredient. You'll soon understand why. The texture of a good smoothie is quite dense, pasty. It is worth diluting with water or natural juice. It does not contain milk or added sugar.

Why are vegetables important?

If our drink would contain only fruits, we would mainly consume only sugar, which in the long run would only result in obesity. But we need the vitamins found in fruits. However, fruits are low in fiber. This is why vegetables are needed to make a balanced diet out of our drink and with the right amount of fiber we can improve digestion and the removal of waste products. So our smoothie diet will only be effective if we also consume enough vegetables. This is very important!

Replace 1 meal a day with a smoothie!

Many people think a little too much about the benefits of smoothie consumption and would like to replace every meal with a smoothie. I suggest you don't. While it’s healthy and has everything in it that can help you lose weight and improve your quality of life, your body also needs solid nutrition. Otherwise, muscle loss, headaches, nausea, malaise and digestive problems may occur. Drink for breakfast or after sports.

What makes a diet bad?

Diet does not mean we have to starve. It just means getting the right amounts of what our body needs. No more, no less. A lot of diets miss the importance of protein. The result will be that it is not the fat that our bodies will burn, but the muscles. Standing on the scales, we will see ourselves as lighter, but we will only feel weaker and weaker. And our lines will still not be attractive. This is a very bad solution. The solution is not to eat, just what you eat should be rich in nutrients, vitamins, fiber and protein. Hamburgers, pizza, and similar fast foods contain only very small amounts of these. This is called empty calories. If you continued to eat only these, only in small amounts, you wouldn’t run out of it either. You have to change your whole diet for this,

How did it work for me and what does this diet give you?

I'm a lucky figure. I lose weight easily. I needed this diet so I wouldn’t start the morning with empty calories. I simply needed to improve my energy levels. And something for breakfast that I can prepare in a variety of ways and consume in a matter of minutes. I’ve tried a lot already, but either I’m bored with the taste or I didn’t have enough time to make it in the morning rush. A few weeks ago, I downloaded Drew Sgoutas ’21-day Smoothie Diet ebook to know how to make the right proportions of these drinks. Sure, there are a bunch of free recipes on the internet, but half the bullshit. Most are actually a fruit smoothie recipe. I didn't need that. Or the 5 basic variations are mantrased. Boring. Significantly more variations can be mixed, but only by cleverly designed will an effective diet of it. That's why I bought the ebook and wasn't disappointed. Only one specialist described his experience in it and not a paid article writer wrote the same recipe for the 100th time. In addition to recipes, the ebook included a number of resources and shopping lists that made it easier to incorporate into your diet. It fits perfectly with my all-day paleo diet, which my girlfriend and I started together. Fast, tasty and healthy. What else do you need? As I wrote it wasn’t for my weight, it was for my energy level. Since then, I sleep much better in the evening, get up easier in the morning, and am basically much less irritable during the day. I say you won't lose anything if you try it for a few days. What's wrong? You eat some fruits and vegetables. If you want to lose weight from something, try this rather than pills of uncertain origin, which ruin your digestion. Or they just salt overpriced cabbage capsules. You can also eat this cheaper in a smoothie. Yes there is a cabbage recipe as well. Sounds bizarre, but with very delicious fruit mixes anyway.

Is it really possible to lose weight with this?

It's up to you. Smoothie is not a panacea. But it’s a fantastic start to getting healthier. Having a healthy breakfast is a great step towards the first positive changes. You’ll feel better about it, but if you load your body with unhealthy foods for the rest of your day, the results will also be slower. Fortunately, the smoothie diet can be perfectly paired with the paleo diet. The two together and a 5-10 exercise a day is a must to become a bombshell. Or take the following 7 tips to make your drink well.

7 Smoothie error

The smoothie is a light and delicious drink. On the other hand, when prepared, it is very easy to overshoot the mark, and the basically healthy, even dietary dish becomes a drop of shape-friendly delicacy. Let's see what is worth paying attention to!

1. One can have too much of a good thing

If you try to turbocharge with too much and pack it with protein powder, seeds, seed butters, “superfood” powders, avocado, etc., you can greatly increase the calorie content of your smoothie. In particular, you can shoot beyond the target by pouring the smoothie from a glass into a bowl and consuming it as a puree food, because then the so popular coconut chips, cocoa bean crumbs, granola will still come on top as a garnish… Remember: from making the smoothie super healthy, even not sure low calorie too! The other common mistake is to use too much fruit, which is good for the body and contains a lot of vitamins, but at the same time it is easy to get rid of the sugar content (think of bananas). To avoid this, use vegetables as well!

You can control your energy intake with vegetables, and yet the smoothie will be nutritious. Cucumbers, zucchini, spinach, sorrel, lettuce, arugula, celery, avocado, beets or Chinese cabbage are all good choices. The recommended ratio is usually 60:40 percent in favor of fruits.

2. Wrongly measured portions

A puree fruit drink can be a great starter, but if you underestimate your morning energy intake, your stomach will squeak in an hour. And in that case, it’s quite likely that you won’t tough it out until lunch, and that could easily end in overeating. It is also a common mistake for someone to overestimate the calories burned during a workout and therefore overdo the replenishment of energy storage after a workout. Try to think while you make your drink whether you would otherwise eat a banana, a mango, some kale, chia and sunflower seeds, a large spoonful of peanut butter, and a box of yogurt. If so, you are on the right track. If not, reconsider the amounts used for the drink.

3. Natural, organic, fat low

Natural and organic have also become a serious buzzword in the sweeteners market in recent years. Honey, agave and maple syrup, and coconut sugar are also popular sugar substitutes, but these products are high in calories. Be sure to take this into account when using them!

The low-fat sign can also be deceptive. For example, in the case of a low-fat yogurt, milk, or ice cream, this means it is likely to contain more carbohydrates “in return”. But it is also worth studying the nutrition table carefully for products labeled “gluten-free” and “organic”.

4. Too much added sugar

Various juices and flavored protein powders often contain added sugar or large amounts of sweetener. Due to the fructose in the fruits, it is not recommended to pour store juices into the smoothie because they often have a lot of added sugar!

5. Always the same, the same way...

While there are those who work if they always eat or drink the same thing, most people lose motivation if they always have to do the same thing. If you find that you don’t feel like making a smoothie in the morning anymore, it’s time to change and experiment with new flavors!

6. Lack of chewing

Research has shown that the brain perceives less amount of food consumed in liquid form, especially when consumed in the form of a glass, a drink, as opposed to eating from a bowl, sitting, with a spoon. So you should always rethink the amounts used if you want to turbo-charge the smoothie to make it more nutritious (not exceeding the calories, of course!), And it’s worth switching from the glass version to the smoothie bowl.

7. Too low ammount of protein

In addition to the high fiber content provided by vegetables and fruits, you also need protein to make the smoothie nourishing in the long run. To avoid protein deficiency, add unflavoured protein powder, natural yogurt, or a little butter from some seed to the smoothie if you use water or vegetable milk as a base.


Isn't that so easy? Well yeah. There are many opinions circulating on the internet that the smoothie diet is useless, but precisely because of the facts described above it does. Use it the way it should be used! If you don’t want to make the mistakes mentioned above either, you might want to turn to an expert who can give you professional advice on how to make the right smoothie for you. But not only keep weight in mind, but to live a balanced and a healthy life. Be happy!

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