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Let’s paint your house’s interior like an expert

Let’s paint your house’s interior like an expert

Are you tired of how your house’s interior looks like? Do you want some changes? Painting the interior could improve how your home looks like. If you’ve had enough of white walls, you’ll only need some nice colors. In this article, I’m going to review Paint Color Cheat Sheets by Yelena Kublitsky. With her help, you’ll see how you can paint your house’s interior like an expert with Paint Color Cheat Sheets.

When you need a little bit of change

We’ve all been there. Occasionally, everyone needs some change. And 2020 just makes this statement even truer. Since we’re in lockdown and we’re spending an increased amount of time at home, we tend to get bored with how our interiors look like. As those who read my previous article know, I recently gave a make-over to my backyard. Since I have more free time now, and I also really enjoyed seeing how my backyard changed, I decided to give a glow up to my home’s interior as well. I found Paint Color Cheat Sheets on the Internet and I decided to try it and see how things will turn out.

What are these Paint Color Cheat Sheets?

As the name suggests they deal with colors. These cheat sheets aim to help you choose the best color for your home. Yelena, the creator, launched these cheat sheets to help people when they feel lost during home renovation and paint shopping. In this guide, she lists Sherwin Williams paint colors, which she claims, are the best, timeless, and most popular. Yelena tried and tested these paints herself. As she claims, it took seven years to try all the colors and to complete this collection that can be found in Paint Color Cheat Sheets. One of the main goals of Yelena’s idea is to make paint color choosing easier and faster. Also, she narrowed down the color choices so no one will end up with the wrong color.

But who is Yelena and what does she know about painting?

You might ask. With her husband, they run a professional, full-service house painting company. Also, they offer color consultations for everyone who’d like to paint their home. That’s how she knows a lot about painting and colors. She also experimented a lot with paints and colors. She spent seven years to complete this list of colors that you can find in Paint Color Cheat Sheets.

What are the colors like?

The colors in Paint Color Cheat Sheets are all nature-inspired. The dominant colors are earthy reds and oranges, grayed blues, greens, and brownish purples. I was afraid that I won’t be able to find the perfect color. Luckily, I had no problem with deciding. There’s a range of colors you can select from but not that much that you won’t be able to choose the one. If you want to select two colors, because you’d like to paint two adjacent walls with different colors, there are color pairing suggestions included in Paint Color Cheat Sheets.

What did I receive in Paint Color Cheat Sheets?

The cheat sheet includes 81 colors. Enough to have a variety to choose from but not too much to spend hours or days on trying to select the one. In the package, there are Sherwin Williams paint color names and codes for each color. The color selection is made up of 10 red paint colors, 7 orange paint colors, 8 yellow paint colors, 10 green paint colors, 10 blue paint colors, 7 purple paint colors, 8 brown paint colors, 7 beige paint colors, 8 gray paint colors and 6 white paint colors. All beautiful earth tones. These color shades are perfect if you’d like to have a nice and relaxing home. These tones give a relaxing and comfortable feeling when you enter a room. However, if you’d like to, you can also paint your walls in brighter colors with orange or purple to make your interior look brighter and warmer.

Other accessories

The package also includes a description of each color in which Yelena describes all the nuances and undertones. With this, you’ll be able to see colors like a true professional. You’ll also get color pairing suggestions and lightning and placement advice. These are necessary because lightning and placement could affect how the colors look like on the walls. I loved the printable paint color charts because I could see all the colors at once. Also, I could put each color next to my furniture and see how that color would look like in that particular environment. That was also super-useful.

Some free bonuses

As a free bonus, there were 3 additional cheat sheets in my package. The first one is called Paint Color Cheat Sheets for Kids’ Rooms. It’s perfect for parents of children to renovate the kids’ rooms. The second is Paint Color Cheat Sheets for Nurseries. This is for babies’ rooms. It’s perfect for soon-to-be parents who are renovating a room and waiting for their baby to arrive and welcome them in a beautiful environment. Finally, the third one is Paint Color Cheat Sheets for Front Doors. It’s useful for everyone because a front door is what gives guests the first impression.

What’s next?

I purchased the Paint Color Cheat Sheets for $47 with my Pay Pal. You can also pay with a credit card. I got immediate access to it because it’s entirely online, so I could download the Paint Color Cheat Sheets in a PDF file. Then I printed out the printable paint color charts and I narrowed down the colors into five possible options. I put these five colors next to my furniture in the living room to see which one is the best. Eventually, I decided which color to choose. I took my printable color chart to the paint store and asked for the help of an employee to help me find it. It was easy to find the color because of the detailed description and color code Yelena put in the cheat sheet. I bought the paint and some equipment, like brushes and went home.

The painting process

I put every piece of furniture in the middle of the living room, and I covered them to protect them from the paint. Then, I painted the walls of the living room and took my dog out to our beautifully renovated backyard. I opened every window and door to make the paint dry faster. We played a lot outside and I also looked for my next project because I’m really into renovating right now. When the paint dried, we went back into the house and put everything back to their place.

All in all,

Our home is where we spend most of our time, especially since lockdown started. Why wouldn’t we make the most out of it? If you’d like to renovate your home, Paint Color Cheat Sheets could be very useful for you. It helps you find the most suitable color for your interior. In the package, you can find 81 color choices with detailed descriptions and exact color codes. Your only task left is to select the color based on your preferences, go to the store and buy the paint and other equipment in case you don’t have it yet and paint your home. Also, you’ll receive three bonus cheat sheets for children’s rooms, babies’ rooms, and front doors.

Let’s paint your house’s interior like an expert!

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