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Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer review

Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer review

Do you have a dog? Would you like your dog to be well-behaving and well-trained? If yes, then Doggy Dan is here to help you. In this article I'm reviewing the unique method of Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer's program.

Let's see!

Why dog training is necessary?

If you're a dog owner just like me, you know how hard it can be to train a dog. Dog training is not only about teaching our dogs to give high fives and to jump over obstacles. Dog training also involves teaching dogs to behave well in different situations and to be respectful with you and with others. A good behaving dog listens and follows the owners' orders. Training can sound cruel for the first time, but it can be done without hurting your dog neither emotionally nor physically. A dog can follow orders, be respectful and love its owner at the same time.

Some words about Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer

Doggy Dan founded the widely successful The Online Dog Trainer program. He is a real professional with years of experience in working with different kinds of dogs. His journey started long ago. He has always loved dogs and working with dogs. At some point he decided to quit his job, and he became a full-time dog trainer. In the past decade he successfully helped over 25,000 people with training their dogs. He also wrote a book about his methods which is titled What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent. Another huge plus for Doggy Dan for being a supporter of animal rights. What he wants to achieve is to spread his unique dog training approach to more and more people around the world.

A bit about Doggy Dan's approach

First, its focus is building connections between dogs and their owners. Doggy Dan claims that dogs are loyal, brave, loving and honest, but sadly many dogs rather struggle to exits in today's society. That's why Doggy Dan decided to create a training program that helps dogs fitting in society. People usually don't understand why many dogs have behaving problems. To find the best way to conquer these problems he read more books on dog behavior than we could imagine and watched every existing video and DVDs to understand dogs. To expand his knowledge, he also attended courses held by dog behaviorists from the US and the UK. Soon he saw what the real problem was. It's not the symptoms that should be treated but the roots that cause these behaving problems. That's how he developed this cool way to train dogs.

Dealing with the roots, not the symptoms

As every dog has different problems, there are several courses that you can choose from. The cool thing is that when you visit Doggy Dan's website you can take a quiz which helps you decide which of the 7 types of dog aggression does your dog have. This helped me a lot because at first, I had no idea which course to choose.

Doggy Dan's Quiz

Let's see the courses!

As Doggy Dan says many people think that there are 2 methods to terminate issues but that's not true. One method, which I used to follow, is treat training, when you grab your dog's attention with treats and reward them if they obeyed you. According to Doggy Dan, that's bribing your dog, nothing more. The other method people think works, but really doesn't is punishing them when they don't obey. To be honest, I also did this one. This technique results in your dog not developing any real trust in you. When people face serious problems, like dog aggression or barking at others, these methods aren't the solutions. Let's think about it! You can't always run after your dog with a treat in your hand to reward it when it behaves, or you can't always pull its leash or lock it in the bathroom when there are aggression problems. However, what could really work in these situations is the method Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer uses.

Free Obedience Course: a solution for the most common problems

As he claims, with Free Obedience Course, you'll

"Discover The Quick And Easy Way To An Obedient Dog WITHOUT Spending Hours Of Training & Thousands Of Dollars".

Since it's free, I was able to watch the videos of this course right after I signed up. In this program Doggy Dan showed me how to stop the 34 most common behavioral issues. He told me how I can have my dog obey me all the time. Sounds like a great deal, right? In this course I found out more about why the two mentioned methods fail to work in most cases and I learnt how to get my dog to follow me. Doggy Dan also showed me 5 rules that changed everything and finally, I saw a resource to solve every dog issue.

Free Potty Training Course: the beginning of a journey

Every puppy owner knows how hard it is to potty train a puppy. With the traditional methods it can take weeks to teach your puppy not to pee on the carpet but with Doggy Dan's technique, I saw the quickest and easiest way to have a fully potty trained dog. I learnt how to set the perfect potty routine and discover some tricks to motivate my puppy to potty on the place I would like it to do. I also learnt how I can complete a through the night. This course includes 4 basic videos and 3 bonuses. Doggy Dan tells how to set up a potty routine, how to deal with accidents, how to get your puppy to the place on time and you'll also discover night time potty options. The 3 bonus videos are about toilet training, handling mouthing and biting and a perfect puppy training program.

Puppy Coach: to conquer the new puppy parent syndrome

The Puppy Coach course is perfect for everyone who have recently welcomed their little puppies. People who are currently in this situation or who have already been in this know that a puppy is very adorable but can cause huge chaos at home. It's normal and if your puppy is like a little devil it doesn't mean that it's a bad dog. It means that your puppy needs some training to find its place in your family. This program helped me train my puppy and allowed me to have a happy and safe life together as a family. If you feel lost because your puppy pees on the carpet, chews the furniture, barks a lot, has separation anxiety and struggles to learn basic commands have a look at this course because it definitely worth a try.

The Dog Calming Code: calm dog means calm owner

This course includes 23 videos that help you calm down your over-excited or naughty dog. It also provides a solution for all the underlying problems that cause dog aggression and non-stop barking. With this course, I learnt how to win my dog's mind and how to avoid food rewarding and punishing. These aren't efficient most of the time, anyway. I also learnt some basic commands like how to teach my dog to walk nicely, how to be social and play with other dogs and how to earn back my personal space. All for the harmony of our home and family. Don't forget a happy dog means a happy home and vice versa.

Solve Your Dog's Problem Now

In this section I could choose what my problem was. Doggy Dan helps you if you want your dog to listen to you, to stop barking, to walk nicely, to stop being aggressive or if you want to give a basic training for your puppy.

To conclude...

...having a dog is all fun and games but it can make your life a lot harder. It takes time and hard work to teach a dog to behave well. There are some widely used methods to achieve you dog behavior goals, however, the most common methods don't actually solve your problems. That's when Doggy Dan comes in the picture. With years of dog training experience, Doggy Dan offered me methods that can not only make my dog behave well but also help to develop a trusting and loving bond between my dog and me. Doggy Dan offers plenty of videos that I could watch and learn how to potty train a puppy, how to conquer dog aggression and separation anxiety and every other issue that a dog owner usually faces.

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