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Dangers of instant soups

Dangers of instant soups

When Momofuku Ando discovered by coincidence  in 1958 how he could preserve the dough and speed up his cooking process, he still didn’t know what he started with. Instant versions of pasta soups, which are very popular in Japan, are made more than 100 billion times a year worldwide. Cheap, quick to make, delicious and varied, but then what could be the problem with it? Let's see!

A little history

Until we understand the great technological invention behind instant soup, we have to go back to 1958, namely to Japan. The legend says that Momofuku Ando accidentally dropped a piece of noodles at the age of 48 into the pan full of oil in which his wife was about to fry for dinner. When he quickly took the dough out of the oil, he noticed that it had lost its moisture content and small cracks has formed in it that made it easier to cook for later use.

However, this is exactly what Momofuku wanted, because he had been thinking for a long time about how to preserve the dough so that it could later be cooked while maintaining its texture. He saw that there were constantly snaking lines for pasta soups in Japanese buffets because everyone wanted to eat something cheap and simple quickly. So there was a demand for the business, only until then did anyone thrive on the instant version because the quality of the dough could not be guaranteed in the long run.

It is said that this is how the instant form was born, the technological basis of which remains unchanged today: the dough is placed in a vegetable oil of a certain temperature on the production line for a short time, thus losing its moisture content and long shelf life. And when you pour hot water on it, its consistency will not be unbearable either.

The product has conquered the world, with plenty of companies starting to produce their own versions, and a total of 100 billion has been sold worldwide in recent years.

About fast food only briefly

We live in an age dominated by speed and immediate solutions. In this accelerated world, a new generation of foods has emerged, bagged, instant foods that don’t require much cooking experience, especially that many times there’s not even time to cook.

That’s why we often resort to bagged soups or go to fast food restaurants. The most important thing we forget in this rushing world is that these powders and artificial foods pose a serious health risk. Despite all this, the popularity of fast food and fast food is unbroken. It doesn't matter what reason you eat fast food, the effect will be felt by everyone over time, everyone will catch up…

Fast foods are full of fat, cholesterol, high calories.

Here are some of the harmful effects or consequences that can be caused by consuming these foods: an increase in cholesterol, obesity. Thus, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, stroke.

What makes instant or fast food dangerous?

The number one problem is hidden salt content, as we don’t even notice that ready meals, baked goods, various sauces, microwaveable popcorn, sauces and bagged meals all contain a lot of added salt, significantly more than the daily requirement. That is why it is not difficult at all to exceed the permitted amount. The problem with bagged food is not only that it is high in salt, but also that it contains a lot of spices and preservatives, which is not only unhealthy due to its poor nutrient content, but can even cause allergies.

Most instant soups are made with monosodium glutamate. If this chemical is introduced into our bodies on a regular basis, there is an increased risk of developing diseases such as cancer or migraines. This substance is also addictive, like caffeine or nicotine. Instant soups are most often sold in styrofoam sachets, which increases the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Where are the proteins, amino acids, fibers and vitamins?

In addition to carcinogenic preservatives, another serious problem is that fast food is not considered a quality food. Vitamins are extremely important to our body so that our brain function, blood circulation, vision and other senses can function properly. The fibers ensure the right balance of our body weight and are responsible for the proper functioning of our digestion. Proteins and amino acids are mainly needed for our muscles to function. There is a shortage of all of these in fast food. Without these, dense fatigue, depression, feelings of depression, irritability, and headaches can occur. a significant proportion of the diseases that develop in the 40s and 50s are caused by malnutrition. I know fruits and vegetables are not cheap, but neither is medicine. If you want to stick to fast food at all costs, at least supply your vitamin D and C needs with vitamin pills. They are not miracle cures by themselves, but they do a lot to help fight cancer. Obviously, the right path is a diet rich in meat, fruit seeds and vegetables.

Don't have time to cook?

There are plenty of paleo food recipes that can be prepared in 25-30 minutes that your body will appreciate much better than fast food. You need to have that much time to live a long and healthy life. If you don’t have time for that either, think about what’s more important than your health and consider its importance. I’m not saying that if there’s really nothing else you can’t eat a hamburger once in a while or eat such an instant soup, but don’t make it a whole day’s diet.

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In my opinion, keep the daily consumption of fast food out of your diet. You are responsible for your health. If you want to maintain your health and avoid several serious illnesses, it is definitely recommended to restore your diet. The easiest diet to take is the Paleo and the Smoothie diet. I know what you are wondering about now… This is just another bio-organic brainwashing session. But no! Read my other posts about the subject and you will find out why you will also need a lifestyle change. Eat well and feel comfortable.

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