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Asiandating.com: a real review

Asiandating.com: a real review

I’m sure you’ve felt lonely at least once or you’ve been at an emotional low point. Finding the perfect partner is not easy. The internet is full of flirting tricks, online dating sites, such as Tinder, Badoo and so on. The sad fact, though, is that browsing these sites and the flirting tips you can learn in online courses will very rarely result in a lasting, deep relationship. Obviously, your chances increase if you try your luck on these platforms, and also if you learn how to be as attractive as possible in the eyes of a woman, it will only benefit you, although seeing most cases, these will mostly just end up as adventures. I’ll now introduce you to another option that you must have known before, just you were too afraid to try it, yet. Now I’m sharing my personal experience with you about asiandating.com dating. Let's get into it!

What does a relationship mean for people?

Some want sex

Let's be honest! Sex is an important need for all of us. Our whole evolution justifies this. The desire for physical intimacy was always a defining element of our imagination and desires. The problem is when you don't want more from your partner, but either you want to let go of him/her. The typical 'I am not in love, but sex is good…' In these relationships, sooner or later someone will be emotionally hurt. Usually, the one, who is too afraid to confess to the other that she/he wants more. The one who wants emotions.

Some don’t want to be lonely

Of course, there is also the case where we have been alone for a long time. Whether because of a divorce, a tragedy, or some other reason, we weren’t prepared for another longterm relationship. This is when the appearance of "true love" tends to occur. We are so blindly glad that we are finally not alone, while not realizing that our relationship is going in the wrong direction. When very different personalities met. There is a sudden breakup and mental pain rises again. In fact, it was none of your faults; you just couldn’t look at the relationship objectively.

Some want to money

The tale of the typical gold digger and sugar daddy. Big house, nice garden, luxury cars and a plastic barbie doll next to him. Familiar, huh? I'm not surprised that there’s a lot of that. But let us not be absolutely prejudiced against wealthy people. Among them, there are ordinary men with an emotional marriage. But I will never believe that a 21-year-old girl is in love with a guy in his 50s. Just out of love. There is the other extreme when it is not wealth but poverty that binds you together. There are times when we can’t raise a child or we can’t pay rent alone. Even then, it is worth considering how much our mental health is worth to us.

Some want safety (due to bad memories, abuse)

In this case, very strong emotional bonds can also be born, but it is also very difficult to deal with the accumulated energies. Such relationships require very strong trust and a lot of honest conversation. It can end very well and very badly as well. Usually, someone who has suffered some bad experience or trauma in the past can only overcome their fears and prejudices through very many years of work.

Some want confidence (bad childhood)

There are cases where a relationship needs to compensate for something. For self-demonstration, or even to replace a former partner. These will never end well. There is another case where we want to make up for our lack of a parent. It's not uncommon for guys to look for the traits of their mother in a woman, but vice versa, women look for the traits of their father in guys as well. This is a bit of a projection of the idealized family picture that they could not have been a part of. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can just be scary for many at first.

What’s the problem with relationships?

Many relationships are still alive because of resignation, indulgence, the force of habit and the thoughts of how much our lives will change after a breakup. Some can still truly love each other many years later. Relationships are mainly ruined by unrealistic expectations. Or that they are not heading in the same direction, they do not have the same goals and are not able to support each other along the way. If you know, love, and accept your significant other, then don’t force them to change. You’ll simply make them feel unloved all of the sudden. If you are unwilling to get closer to each other on your own or give your support in each other’s self-realization, it will most likely not happen even if you try to force. Not only focus on meeting your own individual needs, but also keep in mind your significant other.

Dating again? Just to waste time on idiots?!

Isn’t it much better to clarify your needs at the beginning so you don't have to play games, which we might only realize after years? This whole thing simply becomes impersonal because of Tinder and similar apps. We don’t spend 2 minutes on each other just scrolling like in a webshop. Disappointing. I was searching on the internet a lot to find a dating site where my gym body or my car don't generate more profile views. That’s how I signed up on asiandating.com. Although I have known the site for a long time, it took me 3 years to sign up. In retrospect, I don't understand why...

I also found my partner like this...

I got a little bored of women that only need money. I'm sorry, ladies, but this is the truth. Earth isn't spinning because you are beautiful. I got bored of women that are like 'my nail is broken, the whole world is against me'. I got bored of the convos that are only small talk. Please don't misunderstand me, I don't assume this in case of every woman. There are plenty of exceptions, of course. BUT

The culture of a man-woman relationship differs all around the world. Because of this, I became interested in the Asian outlook on life. I also like Asian girls, so I signed up on asiandating.com. The first few days started a little disappointingly. But later I also learned the culture of these girls. I’ll list some of my personal experiences of what you need to prepare for when you cut into it.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

To understand the following things, you must know the steps of the Maslow pyramid. An American or a European usually stands at the top of this pyramid and is missing only 1 or 2 elements from it. By adding the elements of the levels, we can move up on the steps of this pyramid. If none of the conditions are met at the lowest level, it simply becomes unthinkable to see and understand the higher levels. If only 1 item is missing, but the upper levels are available to us then we can still move upwards on this pyramid.

Now I would like to illustrate this with an example. If your everyday problem is that you haven’t eaten all day, if you may be working in conditions that are life-threatening and in no way humane, then the lowest 4 levels were immediately made impossible for you. The girls on this dating site are at the bottom of this pyramid and you're in a much higher position. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to talk about your favorite series or what your favorite restaurant is. For them, the everyday topic right now is to be able to eat that day with your family and to be healthy. For this reason, don’t even expect them to ask you too many questions because they have no idea about your life. There will be basic questions: How are you? Did you eat today? How was your day? There are exceptions, of course, if you meet an educated girl who has a good income compared to the situation there. She's going to be much more open to more serious conversations as well. But of these girls are held back by their living conditions.

These are the most typical locations of the girls:

Philippines: Manila

Philippines: Manila

Indonesia: Jakarta

Indonesia: Jakarta

Columbia: Medellín (I know it's not in Asia. But I also show you that.)

Columbia: Medellín

I list this so that you won't be surprised if it will be difficult for you to get to know the first few girls. Give them a chance and be very understanding. I read a lot of sites that the girls just come here to beg and scam money. That is not the case. These girls are really struggling with hunger. You probably didn’t experience that feeling, so you don’t even know what it really means. I talked to a lot of girls and only 2 asked me to send them money. The others just told me about their situation, but some specifically asked me not to send them because they're not telling their stories for money. For me, this $ 15-20 was no problem, and after they received it, they verified with a photo that they actually bought food with it. I was happy to be able to help them. They didn’t want to scam, they just needed it. Don’t consider this problem as if you were dating an American or European woman. In fact, take a look from her from the point of view. How could she feel safe with you if you can’t do this little thing for her?…

How do you recognize a fake profile?

On the left is a real profile picture. If you look closely at a selfie picture taken with a phone, we can see the real living space of the girl in the background. It's not too filtered; it's visible that it's not from a photoshoot. In contrast, the one on the right is a top quality picture with a luxurious background. These images are mostly images of well-known models. Some can even be found on Google Image Search. Beware of these. On a dating site where you see mostly such studio photos and the beauty of every girl rivals top models then you should avoid that page because chances are the whole page is a scam. Take a close look at the pictures and the overall profile of the dating site profiles. Take a close look at the girls' biography, the quality of the pictures and the background of the pictures. On a real dating site, not all girls are beautiful, and all are of the same age. The other thing that is suspicious when a girl is only kind to you when they were talking about financials, and then when she can’t make money out of you, or you ask questions to introduce her family, for example, they simply disappear. A scammer will not waste more than a few days on a person. Luckily, I haven’t come across one here yet, but I wanted to mention this to keep it in mind. It is no accident I recommend this site to you.

Asiandating.com Asiandate.com

My personal experience

Don’t be surprised that many people's first question is where you live, or what is your job. This is understandable because they may have to move to another country, which is unknown to them. They do not want to risk living in poor conditions. A lot of people want them from countries where they would have a slave fate. It’s highly understandable if they're careful. Most people are up on this dating site just because of poor living conditions. Many want to come from poor neighborhoods or dangerous places in hopes of a peaceful life. They just want safety. They want a non-violent life. They don't want to be in a humiliating situation. They don’t want to struggle with constant financial problems or even starvation. They don’t want to go through ongoing geographic disasters. It is understandable if they have questions about you and your life. There are gold diggers here too, but this can be filtered out quickly. Someone cares about your financial situation too much? Avoid her. Most girls want to be a useful part of your life together. They are housewives, caring, and want to work and start a family.

If a girl likes you then you’ll start texting on Facebook, Viber or Skype quickly. You will be able to video chat here on the one hand. For reasons understandable to them as well. Or simply they could be afraid of finding a nice guy and he will eventually disappear over time because they only subscribe to the site for a short time.

I also only subscribed for just 1 month. Actually, I just wanted to look around for the first run. I didn’t have high expectations, but I had a pleasant result. In the first 2 weeks, I talked to roughly 50 girls and I quickly found my ideal partner among them. Luckily, we had a lot of common things so we could get to know each other easily. After 1 week, she even deleted herself from the dating site to give me a sign and from then she only kept in touch with me. This was super appealing and fair all in all. For several months, we only talked in chats because she could only move later because of her work. To be honest, it was weird to go together on our first date but there wasn't stressful at all. By the time we moved in, thanks to the day-long conversations, we weren’t strangers to each other. It really is a success story. We didn't have to play ourselves. There were no unnecessary lies, exaggerations. We could be damn honest with each other. I felt this a very long time ago when I was talking to a woman.

A little about Asian girls:

Asian girls are very respectful, but no one should abuse that. They have lots of love and positive energy in them despite their circumstances. It's a jerk move to abuse this. If you are serious about getting to know each other, don’t consider them as an object. Ask about herself, her family, her culture. Try to really get to know and respect her point of view as well. They are understanding and patient, but NOT objects. I can't stress that enough. If she feels safe with you then she'll start planning a life together with you pretty quickly. Don't be scared of that. They plan for the long term and not for an adventure. And after all, that's why you'd sign up here, wouldn't you?

Many Asian women haven't been given a normal, Western-style education. Because of this, getting to know other parts of the world can be a big challenge for them. Be prepared that not every joke or life situation will be a matter of course for them. Religion is very important to them, so it’s good to have an agreement between the two of you. In any case, be honest with her. For many, it’s also a great thing to be able to walk the streets with you hand in hand, to express your feelings to each other in public, or to have access to higher education and rights. No joke. This is almost unbelievable at first but women don’t have such respect everywhere. The question of what their individual goals are or what they want is usually answered very briefly: Family, peace, honesty. They don’t crave a palace or luxury cars.

Many girls will text you on their own, so you won't have any problem with that either. Chinese girls are pretty open. They write a lot at once and very quickly turn to want to move in with the marriage. They start with a fairly long letter. A little further south, Filipino, Indonesian girls approach things a little differently, but the ultimate goal is also that they want to move and get married. They are usually better assessed with whom they talk than Chinese girls. I liked the Filipino and Indonesian girls the best. They are very beautiful and interested. Further west (India, Russia, Eastern Europe) the demand is getting stronger. Especially the firm financial environment and English language skills are important. And from South America and Eastern Europe, it is mainly North America and Western Europe that are the intended destinations for girls. By the way, in many cases, it’s just random where they wanna move. Once a girl I met marked Australia but only because she had heard of it before. This need is not valid if there is harmony between the two of you during dating. I honestly didn’t talk to Mongolian and Japanese women. So I can't talk about that. Though, it is definitely worth getting to know them as well.

The age difference of 10, but even 20 years is common in Asian culture. However, many people try to abuse this in extreme ways. Many girls reported that gentlemen in their 60s and 70s tried to ask 20-year-olds to undress in front of a camera. On the one hand, these girls are not into it, in fact, this is extremely offensive to them and they also dislike this age difference. Gentlemen, let us be respectful, this is not what these girls deserve and let us not abuse their trust and their life situation!

Special cases

There are special cases where girls only look for a partner for a few years so they can support their family. It is worth discussing the long-term goal of the girl and not get surprised. Some girls only want your money. Avoid these. It’s not typical on the site but there were some cases. Don’t send money if you don’t know what she needs it for.

There are those whose backgrounds can be linked to drug cartels or even prostitution. It’s an uncomfortable topic but it also happens. You need to decide whether you can accept it or not, but keep in mind she wants to forget her past as well. This is also not typical but everything can happen.

Perhaps the most typical thought I got during the conversations:

  • "Man who has not learned to fight lives with expectations not with gratitude and humility."
  • "Together for each other." (I caught my girlfriend with this quote but tell this only in case you feel truly like this.)

Website introduction

Website of the company, here you can find their other dating sites. If you sign up on one, then you'll also have access to the others:


The asiandating.com dating site really works, but only if you have a good attitude and understand everything above. Take into account the girls' life and adapt to appropriate topics. You best believe me, a lot of attention and love will be appreciated. Those who simply don’t have enough empathy for this usually just left bad feedback. I have shared with you all the relevant information so that you too can also have a happy and balanced relationship. The one you always wanted.

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